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El Cerrito Hood Cleaning

this is a picture of hood cleaning in El Cerrito, CA

If you're looking for hood cleaning services in El Cerrito, CA, Oakland Hood Cleaning is your best bet. For many years, we have been providing hood cleaning services to the El Cerrito community and all of its surrounding areas. We are experts in hood cleaning for commercial businesses as well as residential homes. All of our technicians are certified, licensed, and insured. We clean hoods that range anywhere from 100 square feet to over 20,000 square feet. Our team is highly trained to work with any type or size hood system you have whether it be a commercial kitchen hood fan or an exhaust filter system installed on your home's roof.

Our goal at Oakland Hood Cleaning is to offer high-quality service and affordable prices so we can become your go-to source for all things related to hood systems and their maintenance needs! Contact us at 510-876-9373 to get free estimates and quotes.

El Cerrito Hood Cleaning Process

In order for hood cleaning services to be completed, our technicians will first need access to the hood ventilation system via an entry point such as an air duct or roof hatch. Once we have gained access, our team does a thorough inspection of all components within the hood including filters which are often times clogged with grease residue build-up from cooking byproducts. We also inspect light fixtures, fans, fire suppression equipment (dry chemical fire extinguishers), carbon dioxide detectors/alarms, and any other pieces that make up each individual hood system in addition to providing basic safety checks on other kitchens equipment such as hood heaters, hood lights, and fire suppression sprinkler systems.

Once our hood cleaning technicians have completed their inspection of the hood ventilation system they will begin to clean all surfaces with special biodegradable detergents that are safe for humans but tough on grease residue build-up. The next step in our process is to vacuum every square inch of the hood including fan blades which oftentimes become caked with cooking by products where other hood cleaners would just wipe them down or neglect them entirely resulting in a less efficient working hood fan. Finally, we do one final rinse before turning your kitchen back over to you.

Why Hire Oakland Hood Cleaning

Most businesses choose Oakland Hood Cleaning because it's fast, affordable, environmentally conscious, and does not require hood system shut-downs. We also provide hood cleaning services for all commercial hood ventilation systems including ductwork, hood exhaust fans, grease filters, and fire suppression sprinkler systems.

When it comes to residential hoods we are the most thorough company in the industry with our certified technicians providing detailed service & maintenance on your home's entire hood set up from roof-mounted range hood filter removal/replacement to dryer vent cleaning services that will keep you safe by preventing fires caused by clogged or poorly maintained chimneys.

Plus, when you hire Oakland Hood Cleaning as your preferred hood cleaners of choice not only do you receive quality workmanship at an affordable price but a customer experience like no other!

Contact Oakland Hood Cleaning Today

If you are interested in hood cleaning services in El Cerrito, CA or the surrounding areas then call Oakland Hood Cleaning today to speak with one of our helpful representatives about scheduling an appointment. We offer free quotes and estimates for all work performed by our technicians so you know ahead of time what your cost will be before any hood cleaning services are completed at your home or business location. Dial 510-876-9373 now.